Annual maintenance is vital to keeping your HVAC system in good working condition and at peak efficiency. Your unit is like your car which is less expensive to maintain in good working order than to deal with large repair bills when it finally breaks down.

For only $215.00, your Single Heating and Cooling System will be checked to ensure:

  • Outdoor coils will be cleaned twice per year.
  • Drain pans and drain lines will be free of debris.
  • Outdoor unit cabinets will be washed.
  • Standard filters will be installed twice a year.
  • Refrigerant levels will be checked.
  • The gas furnace burner assemblies will be inspected and cleaned.
  • All electrical connections will be inspected.

Each additional system is only $90 and each Air Bear Space Filter is $50.

A service agreement offers many benefits:

  • You will avoid big repair bills since minor problems can be spotted before they escalate.
  • You can also lower your utility bills since your unit will be running more efficiently.
  • The life of your system can be extended, which prevents you from large replacement costs.
  • We offer 10% discounts on any repairs.
  • A guarantee that there will be no additional up-charges for after-hour and holiday emergencies.
  • 24-hour emergency service guaranteed with priority scheduling.
  • Manufacturer's’ warranties require service agreements to be kept in working order.

We know that the service agreement is only as good as the provider, and that is why we want you to know that we are a reputable company with over 24 years in the business. Our staff is trained, certified, licensed and our company ensures all of our work. We have an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, a 5-star rating with Google, and a list of satisfied customers that say that we are honest, trustworthy and that we treated them with the respect they deserve. Call us today and let us help you start saving money!

We also offer a Commercial Maintenance Agreement; call for our special pricing.